healthy and tastey foods on a budget
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healthy and tastey foods on a budget

I work in the kitchen of a very small school. It is my job to find the food in order to feed the kids on the tight budget that the school has to work with. We focus on both nutrition and the taste of the food. We have talked with the students and the parents to find out what we can do to improve the menu to ensure that the kids are actually eating what they are being served each day. This blog will show you several examples of what you can serve on a budget that is healthy and tasty.

healthy and tastey foods on a budget

6 Cheeses To Try Before You Die

Isobel Marshall

There's nothing quite like the distinct flavor, texture, and aroma of a delicious cheese. That being said, not all cheeses are created equally. Some are simply far tastier and more exotic than others. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn about a few of the more interesting cheeses that exist in the world. Many of these cheeses can be purchased from your local wholesale gourmet food emporium.


Native to Spain, this cheese is created from a simple cow's milk. However, it is placed in a cave to ferment for well over a year before being brought to product. This cheese has a distinct milky yellow color and texture and has an aroma and flavor that is almost fruit-like.

Parmigiano Reggiano

This Italian cheese is known the world over as one of the best condiments you can add to a dish. But this richly-flavored cheese can also stand on its own and is paired well with white wines.

English Farmhouse Cheddar

Those who are used to the taste of supermarket prepackaged cheddar are in for quite the treat when they take their first bite of English farmhouse cheddar. This very meaty-tasting cheese also has a hint of smokiness and is often combined with bread and freshly sliced red meat. A dry red wine is often served with this distinctly masculine flavor.


This French cheese has lasted for generations, being a favorite of Charlemagne. This cheese is made from sheep's milk and is seasoned with salt. It is an incredibly soft cheese and is said to often melt in your mouth.

Brie de Melun

Although most readers will be familiar with brie cheese, perhaps not everyone is familiar with brie cheese directly from the small French village of Melun. Like Roquefort, brie is another cheese that can easily melt in your mouth. Unlike Roquefort, this cheese from Melun has a distinctly earthly flavor. One can easily detect the presence of garlic and mushrooms.


This Spanish cheese has endured throughout Western Europe for almost 3,000 years. This is a testimony to its great taste and wonderful presentation. This cheese is created from sheep's milk and is said to have a smell that is very similar to heavily buttered popcorn. It has a bit of a rubbery texture and has a nutty flavor.

These cheeses are some of the most flavorful and interesting-tasting delicacies in the world. Seek them out through a gourmet foods company like Nossack Fine Meats Ltd and put your taste buds to the test!